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Constructive Criticism Exercise

Criticism of the poster:

This poster is very informative with concise bullet points. However, providing more explanation of some terms, such as UX and contextual temporalities, mentioned in the poster would enhance the understanding of readers lacking background in religious studies and augmented reality. While there isn’t much space left on the poster, adding definitions to the back is an option.

What I learned about generous feedback:

  • Positive, specific suggestions can be seen as helpful and are often taken well. When expressed correctly, they offer a clear path to self-improvement.
  • Use empathy when giving suggestions: “Would I like to hear that about myself?”
  • Never criticize the individual. Always point your criticisms at the actions.
  • Don’t attack attack, insult, or be mean in any way.
  • Don’t tell the person that they’re wrong. Tell them how they could do better
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