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How to Improve This Awesome Poster?

Sarah and Celeste’s team made a really awesome poster for a Digital Humanities project:

As informative and interesting as the poster is, I personally feel like there are also areas for improvement. To begin with, as someone with short attention span and a dislike of dense materials, this poster simply contains too many words! Navigating through the poster to sift important information requires a lot of effort. It would’ve been cleaner and more straight-forward if some paragraphs are shortened or presented in alternative manners, which brings me to my next point – the development timeline could’ve been represented by a line, with marks indicating progress. Similarly, the research questions and results could be possibly connected by elements of graphics with short explanations by the side.

From examining this poster and trying to identify potential areas for improvement, I have learnt that giving criticism gracefully is tied to making concrete, meaningful suggestions, without which criticism could face the danger of turning into useless rant.

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