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Fall term reflection

Fall term has been an interesting experience. It has mostly been exploring themes in Omeka and ways to manipulate them. As such, I got to learn php, HTML/CSS. My experience of learning php for Omeka was very different from any other programming languages I learned in the classroom. It was challenging not only because of the way Omeka uses php, integrated with CSS and HTML but also the way it relies heavily on libraries and in built functions. Most of the times I spent on was going through the Omeka documentations or its better version in the GitHub to get familiar with the in built functions. As such, it was important for me to prioritize learning specific sections of codes to manipulate themes in Omeka rather than the general approach in a classroom based learning. I think such approach applies to lot of other web platforms. Weekly challenges with theme manipulation from Austin was a really good motivation in terms of goal-based learning.
Overall, the experience has been enlightening. It has given me a glimpse of what I might expect in tech jobs. It has taught me ways to equip myself with relevant skills to solve specific problems.

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