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Tenzin’s Training week reflection

Discussing Mariam’s video and breaking digital projects into three sub topics – source, processed and presentation – made it simpler to understand DH projects and recreate them. Throughout the course of training, as I got familiarize with Omeka and its purposes, I realized that I won’t be using as much of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as I expected earlier. It reminded me of one of the discussions I had with an alumnus where we talk about how, in classrooms, we learn to build things from scratch but it’s also important to find already available resources to build upon to save time and energy. Discussing web platforms, front end and back end was especially interesting as they are the fundamentals of website development.
It was overwhelming to be introduced to different apps, but in the end, it all connected well. I like the way Trello helps me organize my work. I am looking forward to learning the ways in which I could use Zotero to save my readings and notes. I hope to be able to improve my time management and organization skills by planning my own work schedule. I am also excited to start getting hands on various DH projects and design them on the web. The training week really helped me get a grasp on what I expect to work on for this internship and also introduced me to different technology which I hope to continue using. It was less stressful than I would have expected and am grateful to the supervisors and the co-workers in making the environment warm and friendly.

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