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First Few Weeks

The first week working as a digital scholarship intern has been an interesting experience to say the least! Beyond trying to soak up as much information as I can during training (as I’m very new to the topics that we covered, as well as to the far-reaching extents of the broad digital humanities world), I’ve found myself mostly focusing on attempting to define a role for myself going forward. It’s been slightly hectic to get settled in and to take on the training of the job, but looking at articles that explore the realities of AI, the impacts of technology and the measures towards inclusivity have given me an interesting place to jump off, and I hope to continue to explore these topics as the term moves forward.
Like Tenzin, I am also a little overwhelmed using so many new platforms to organize my workflow. Traditionally, I’m more of a pen and paper kind of scheduler. Despite the initial discomfort of using a new site like Trello, it is so clear to me how working out my work schedule with my peers and superiors is a super-efficient way of organizing and delegating tasks. I’m excited to incorporate this platform into other venues– perhaps even into my classes and group projects, especially as one of my classes has an Omeka exhibit element (Greek Art and Archaeology).
Going forward, I hope to integrate these new platforms and skills into my projects as they really begin. First week has certainly been a sort of “orientation” week, and it has been nothing if not interesting and humbling to realize the extent of this vast discipline!

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