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Introduction: Peter Tu

Hi Everyone!

My name is Tingjun Tu, but you can call me Peter. I am a junior Computer Science major at Carleton College hoping to double major in Cinema and Media Study.

I am the 2022-2023 Front-end Web Development Intern for Digital Scholarship. I am really excited about this position because I want to have more web development experience in practice as well as contribute to the Carleton DH community.

Interesting Photo in the campus at the basement, Anderson Hall.
Interesting Photo on Campus

This is the interesting thing on campus that I found. It is an open sign on the basement of Anderson Hall, makerspace. I find it interesting since the Makerspace is open when I took that picture, but the open sign on the window is not lit up. I remember whenever I walked past Makerspace before, the open sign was lit up regardless of whether the Makerspace was open or not. However, this time it is not lit up so I find it intriguing.

Regarding accessibility and inclusive design, I think it is a crucial part of the design principle for everything that requires more attention from the general public. In terms of web design, though alt-text is a requirement for images on the web page, there should also be an emphasis on the content of alt-text, the color scheme of the page and the font color, and whether the audio or video accessibility features are supported, etc. More voices from different communities should also involve in pushing for a more inclusive design in society so that more people can enjoy the beauty of technology.

Moreover, when we are designing a DH project, a more careful analysis of the possible power structures is needed to bypass any possible stereotypes or biases. I believe the seven principles of data feminism are a great starting point when brainstorming or creating a project to avoid possible microaggression or aggression towards one or multiple communities.

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