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Update on Carleton website

Just as I thought that I am almost done with my project, Carleton updated its website! Great!

So this is the newest version of Carleton’s website. I must say that I am very impressed by the design when I first opened it. That picture of Carleton really captured the beauty of our campus. And the semi-transparent blue nav is very stylish. There are also a lot more JS effect which makes the overall website more engaging and attracts people’s attention immediately. This website is a great improvement from the previous versions. Now everything that is clickable is either underlined in yellow or has a yellow background color. The nav design is also more easily understandable, separating aspects of college life and targeted people.

However, there is one thing that I don’t really like about this website. Even though I love the first picture which contains the magnificent aerial view of the campus, having four large pictures seems a little bit too much. The font size is also big. This overall design makes it hard to absolve large amount of information. It seems there are too many things that Carleton wants to highlight at the same time. The wierd JS effects of the pictures also interrupts the smoothness of scrolling down the website. It would be great if there is a better balance between simplicity and design.

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