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(Late) Midterm Blog Post

This term has been a whirlwind for back end development! There has been lots of plugin work, lots of site and server administration work, and my security research, both within this internship and outside it, has started to reach new heights!

In terms of development, I started off the term by continuing work on the AccessibilityPlus omeka plugin. I created a production-ready branch, and created a copy of the repository that keeps all the documentation and starter code which will be used to help future interns learn about developing plugins for Omeka. Once the keyboard-focus branch is approved and merged, we can start thinking about publishing this plugin on the Omeka site, where it would become the second Carleton published Omeka plugin!

This term I also helped publish the first of Carleton’s official Omeka plugins! I worked closely with Shiyue, the front end development intern, to finish this plugin that Alec started last year. I worked on fixing the plugin so that it worked without the theme is was originally built to complement, and generalizing it so that it could stand alone and work on any Omeka site. Once that was done, we worked on creating standardized documentation and adding to to Omeka’s official listing of plugins, where it lives today!

The third plugin development project I took on this term was revitalizing a plugin that allows you to add Google Analytics to your Omeka site. This simple plugin already existed, but had not been updated in 6+ years. So we forked our own version to the DigitalCarleton organization where I updated the plugin to support the latest version of the Google Analytics javascript. I later installed and configured this plugin on the Religions in Minnesota site, where it is already gathering fascinating data about site usage!

Outside of development, I have also started to become more involved in server administration for Carleton’s Omeka sites. I performed an upgrade from Omeka 2.6 to 2.6.1, and have installed numerous plugins and themes to our different sites, on both the development and production servers. As soon as we acquire more disk space, I’ll also be working on upgrading Omeka core again to 2.7.1. I have also begun the process of performing a security audit on all of our Omeka sites, which I am very excited to continue next term.

Outside of my official work, this term I have pushed myself to explore all different kinds of cybersecurity, and learn as much as I can about web security, application security, wireless, cryptography, reverse engineering, etc. Although I feel as though I’ve made tremendous progress, there is always so much more to learn. I’m also looking forward to continuing this exploration during the final weeks of this term, into spring break, next term, and beyond.

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