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Open Source North

This past Wednesday we attended the Open Source North conference near Minneapolis.

The demographics of attendees were mainly people that worked as developers in the industry. It was very obvious by the audience participation in the talks that they were very knowledgeable about the topics being presented and genuinely wanted to learn a new skill in that area. I was impressed by the speakers who not only explained how to do something, but why you would want to. So although it was a conference that was geared for people in the industry, it would also appeal toward those in academics.

Choosing which speakers to go to was a challenge. There were seven total “tracks” so at any given slot seven talks were being given on a wide variety of topics. While some talks were more full than others, each one I attended as a decent amount of people each which attests to how they divided the talks well so there was something that interested everyone.

The highlight of the day was a shorter talk (just 25 minutes) that explained Pi-hole and how to implement it. Although it was short so the explanation was brief, the speaker provided a link to the slide notes so everyone could implement it on their own later. All the speakers I saw did an excellent job of providing follow-up materials or activities so the attendees could continue their learning of the subject.

Overall, I had a great time at the conference and would recommend it to anyone that either works in the industry, or are interested in learning more about it.

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