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Spring Midterm Reflection

The first half of this term has been about the creating a project outline and starting development with the Microsoft Hololens. The current project plan is to convert an existing Unity iOS application into an application that can run on the Hololens and then design a usability test to measure the effectiveness of each tool.

The conversion process involves using Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) to build an AR application that can run on the Hololens. The process of importing this toolkit and getting it running has been much more difficult than previously anticipated. The MRTK is software that is getting updates pushed to it everyday and is evolving so quickly that the documentation and tutorials using this software are unable to catch up. As a result, documentation and tutorials using this software are grossly outdated and often times do not work.

During this ongoing process I have definitely gotten better at searching for bug fixes. I have commonly found myself searching through bug reports and patch notes on the MRTK github page looking for the right version and branch to use.

While I have been able to successfully import MRTK and get some scenes running without compile errors, I have unfortunately not been able to get the keyboard to imitate hand gestures. This is my current roadblock and one that I hope to solve soon.


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