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Winter Term Accessibility Reflection

The second half of winter term was about wrapping up projects that started in the first half of the term and getting introduced to new ones that will be my focus for the rest of the year.

One of the key projects that reached a conclusion was the MediaKron content management exploration. For this project, I investigated and evaluated MediaKron on several metrics related to accessibility and created a document that highlighted some of the things that made it stand out and some aspects that I thought could use some improvement. This project concluded with our team having a skype conversation with the creator and curator of MediaKron where we discussed our feedback. In addition to giving our feedback, we also got the chance to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages that come with building an application in an academic setting.

I also continued working on defining my project with the Microsoft Hololens. As part of this process I got to demo the Hololens for the first time. My demo experience combined with independent research and conversations with my team guided my interest toward thinking about how to better design multi-user experiences and how to build intuitive, more accessible pop-up menus that take advantage of the Hololens’ functionality.

The next steps of this project will be getting acquainted with Microsoft’s documentation and running through a few tutorials to get comfortable with the software.


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