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Winter Term Reflection

This term, I customized the transcription page in the virtual workhouse Digital Archive(VWDA) site. I also taught myself Java Script as some of the future customization required knowledge of JS.
With regards to customizing the transcription page, I had three tasks to accomplish. The first one was to set up mediawiki and install Scripto to get the transcription page on the Big Picture theme in Omeka. The second one was to set up the transcription page and the image side by side instead of top-down order(images below). The third one was to change the next previous to respect search results on VWDA. I got help from the Omeka documentation to accomplish these tasks. I had to fix the display-inline block for the side by side transcription display while the search customization involved making new navigation function and then changing the way the search is browsed and showed on the site. I tried not to change the code in the original files as much as possible as new Omeka version updates would otherwise not sync. I was also pushing the customization changes to the DigitalCarleton’s theme-bigpicture repository in the GitHub . I learnt about making descriptive commit messages and pushing those commits for every major changes in the code.
Towards the end of the term, I learned JavaScript online and tried to understand how it is being used in Omeka. My previous experience with learning new languages/coding for the internship was very helpful in making sure I was learning how to accomplish specific customization tasks in Omeka using Java Script.
1. Previously:- Top-down order

2. Updated:- side by side

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