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Omeka Front-end Winter Update

This past term I have been continuing my work with Omeka front-end design. I updated the Bootstrap 4 elements to the Omeka themes, so now it has the most current themes. I ran into issues first trying to customize the homepage because it was challenging understanding how all the files worked together. It seemed grim at times, but then there was a breakthrough! After a lot of time and tears, I was able to allow the user to select whether they wanted the sidebar on the left or right of the screen, and also if they didn’t want one at all. Now that option works with every color selection and other options.

The next goal of the project is to design, using HTML and PHP, various homepages so then the user will be able to select their favorite. This will create a more customized feel for each of the individual sites and their landing pages. Ideally, there will be thumbnails showing a preview of each of the options. I look forward to continuing this project and developing more knowledge of the languages.

Also this Winter, the interns have taken turns selecting articles to present to the rest of the team at the meetings. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading articles about latest technological breakthroughs or ethical concerns within the industry. Hearing the perspectives of the rest of the team has increased my critical thinking and overall interest in those topics. I am excited to continue this throughout the rest of the term.  


Steph Herbers ’20

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