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Ethics Week 2: Laying the Groundwork

This being the second in a series of weekly blog posts, intended to edify the public on the various goings-on within the ethical strata of the Digital Scholarship community of Carleton, particularly with regards to…

I kid, I kid. Here’s a quick catch-up on what I’ve been doing this week!

The process of my work has been primarily logistical, getting up and running for the rest of term. I’ve been exploring various topics, deciding which ones are worth pursuing, and solidifying them into project ideas and questions to answer. I’ve determined four projects/areas of research, two major and two supporting, which I’ve outlined below and which feed into each other in various ways.

After some exploration, my common question for this term will be regarding the tradeoffs between organizational affordances in the cloud, and data security. This will consist of testing various organizational systems, seeing what conveniences they offer and what drawbacks, and researching how this data is stored and what it might be used for. I will also be keeping an eye on project logistics and multi-person information/storage systems, because my major project will center around open source software.

The Digital Scholarship Interns’ winter 2019 project will consist of revamping our website and, in the process, exploring the history of collaboration, accessibility and performance in web design. Part of my job will be examining open source communities and how they work with each other, as well as how that workflow affects the final product of their projects and designs.

In addition, I will be following up on my earlier data security question by looking at some common sites used by colleges for logistical purposes, investigating their practices, and researching the laws being passed about data security which affect those sites. Some of the writeups on these topics may not be made public, but rest assured, I’m looking!

And finally, I will also be engaging in a side project of mine, which is to develop my coding skills, particularly in the programming language Ruby. I’m hoping to learn more about Ruby on Rails, and possibly use it in order to build a web-based presentation of my research for the DSI project.

Happy Week 2!

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