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Winter Update

The theme for first half of this term has been turning the knowledge we gained in our respective fields from last term into actionable items while continuing to still learn.

One of the big projects I have completed this term was an evaluation of a site called 21st century Artivism, which can best be described as a digital collection of cultural items relating to Spanish culture and is a site that is maintained by a Carleton professor. The site has been facing some issues with its content organization and our job was to find these issues and create a recommendation for how to solve these issues. The issues Chris P. and I found were related to the organization of information within the site and the overall usability that the site afforded. The essential solutions within our recommendation were centered around choosing a new theme to better highlight the content of the site, creating a new relationship between levels of content to make navigation easier, and fixing minor accessibility bugs to improve usability.

The presence of weekly student led discussions based on interesting and relevant articles on technology, ethics, and usability have been essential to continuing my learning process. I have found that discussing these articles has helped cement interesting themes and ideas concerning technology and has enabled me to learn more about each subject.

For the remainder of the term I will be shifting my focus towards building an accessible AR experience using Microsoft HoloLens.


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