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A New Thing Learned: Creating a URL File

A URL file is essentially a “shortcut” that allows someone to be redirected towards a specific URL when selecting that file. They’re particularly useful when a user needs access to a wide variety of internet and web based content. URL files allow users to not only have direct access to these pages but also allows for easier sharing too. Interesting enough creating a URL file doesn’t require the use of a web browser at all. These files can be generated using the text editor of your computer.

As a windows user the “notepad” app is my text editor. These instructions should only work on the Windows OS. Once in “notepad” typing in “[InternetShortcut]“, minus the quotation marks, followed by “URL = (insert URL here)”, quotations and parentheses should be kept, will complete all the necessary text towards creating this file type. Next going into the “Save As” menu and selecting the “Save as Type” command and then inputting “yourlinkname.url“, minus the quotations, and completing this step should finalize the completion of your URL file.

However, a quicker way to create this “shortcut” is to highlight the URL in your web browser and drag unto your desktop.

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