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A Prospective DH Project

I’ve recently been thinking about my “comps,” or senior-thesis, and have been in a panic about what I might do for it; though to be honest, it’s probably a little to early for me to be worrying about it. However, the work I’ve done and been doing through this internship and my interest and exploration of DH has had me thinking about possibly doing something related to DH and Political Science/Theory. Particularly the works of Hannah Arendt.

Hannah Arendt, is a political philosopher or rather political theorist whose work focused on the Human Condition and most centrally the nature of Evil. She had the misfortune of observing the rise of Nazi Germany, and escaping an internment camp just before transport. Much of her work focuses on what was to be learned from the Nazis. Amongst other things, Arendt was a nomad, first fleeing Germany to France, and then France to America. Never quite feeling at home, she could never quite reconcile or feel great devotion towards Israel after its establishment.

Her work touches on much from the nature of politics, to truth, art, culture, and beyond. For a proposed DH project, I would like to map out her work and see if there were areas or times in which she worked that certain topics were of greater interest to her or more greatly influenced her work. This could be done several ways, perhaps going through her work manually and categorizing them based on major themes and then mapping them based on the origins of the work in ArcGIS. My preferred method would be putting her texts into a text analyzer and seeing the frequency of certain key words based on the location the text was written n.

Something to think about.

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