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2019-2020 Cohort


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Hi, my name is Pilot Irwin, and I’m a senior CAMS major from New York City. In addition to my work in Cinema and Media Studies, I also have a strong interest in Computer Science and Economics, and I’m fascinated by the ways STEM disciplines and the humanities can not only intersect but inspire each other. As the Ethics intern, I will be responsible for examining how we interact with digital technology and how the construction of digital systems affects people’s lives, both intentionally and accidentally (2019-2020).

Hi! My name is Shiyue Zhang. I’m a sophomore and my intended major is computer science and statistics. I am excited about this work because I’ll be able to have hands-on experience about front-end development and learn new technologies. I also wish to learn more on how technology have an impact on society and our life. I have experience in working with data and developing web page using tools like JavaScript and Flask.

My name is Chris Padilla. I am a senior computer science and philosophy major, and I am the back-end digital scholarship intern this year! I am interested in this work because I want to learn more about system administration and web design. I also want to learn more about making systems user-friendly, functional, and secure. My most relevant experience would be my work creating a SQL driven scheduling application for equine facilities, that I have been working on since last December.

My name is Matt Thill, and I’m a senior statistics major. This year I will be working as a digital scholarship intern on the accessibility side. I am excited to learn more about the workflow involved with building and managing websites and to think critically about how to assure everyone who interacts with our works has a smooth experience. I’m also looking forward to learning more about digital scholarship and about the ways in which new technology is being used in digital humanities (2019-2020.)